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Come see why we are best in Santa Clarita. After 42 years..with less overhead, and experienced doctors.. we save your money and time. Honesty is hard to find. Give us a call!

Nutritional Consultations
Allergy Treatments
Convenient & Unique

Convenient & Unique

When you walk into TAGS, you see Simplicity, Cleanliness, and a Knowledgeable staff. Our treatments and vaccinations are all done in front of you - Nothing hidden - No closed doors.  In fact, we are the only clinic where you can walk in with your pet during business hours, get vaccinated, and be done in minutes - No waste disposal fees, No exam fees, No exposure to people having handle contagious pets. And No waiting room where you have to wonder what was there before you.  

Itching & scratching? We got it figured out!
Why Tags

Why Tags

TAGS is unique in Veterinary Medicine, and Santa Clarita is lucky to have it. Why? - because we  PREVENT serious diseases, not treat them; there are, 18 pet hospitals for that. If we, at TAGS, suspect a serious/deadly/contagious viral disease like Parvo and/or Distemper, we refer it to a hospital for treatment. Remember, hospitals are for the sick, not the healthy. We also do low cost spays, neuters, dentals, and other minor procedures. We can treat pet allergies and educate you too! 

Itching & Scratching? We Can Fix It!
​How Tags Started

How Tags Started

In 1978, when the highly contagious and deadly canine Parvovirus was discovered, Dr. Donahue, the longest practicing veterinarian in Santa Clarita, left the “animal hospital” practice, and opened a unique facility to keep healthy pets away from the ill, not just another viral-contaminated hospital. Tags has evolved into a clinic that prevents diseases through vaccinations and treats minor/common medical issues. It’s these minor issues that nickel & dime pet owners with unnecessary diagnostics and procedures. We try to “keep it simple.”

44 years servicing Santa Clarita Valley
How We Can Help

How We

Can Help

We have two goals: 1) Keep healthy patients AWAY from the sick, and, 2) save pet owners money.  In ANY hospital (pet hospitals included) goal #1 is difficult, if not impossible. Otherwise, we would get our flu shots at Henry Mayo instead of Walgreens, CVS, & Rite Aid, and other “non-hospital” places. We go to the hospital to TREAT injuries and illnesses, not PREVENT them. Unfortunately, hospitals are also places to “catch” things, especially viruses. Walls, doors, partitions, and curtains cannot stop a virus. In general, (and, if possible) you SHOULD NOT vaccinate yourself OR your pets in a hospital environment. Some medical seminars recommend a change of clothes for all hospital staff to wear to-and-from the hospital environment. 

Itching Scratching Licking?
 An Easy Fix!



Itching & Scratching
Exams & Consultations 
Allergy Treatments
Medications - Low Cost
Pain Control & Management
Nutritional Consultations
Intestinal Parasite Treatments
Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings

*For Travel Requirements Visit 

Check the Aphis website, travel destination and carrier for travel requirements prior to coming in.

Some destinations require testing or medical treatments in advance before the health certificate can be completed.


**Yearly Vaccinations

Dogs: DA2PPV & Bordetella

Cats: FVRCP/Felv

Vaccines* - Dog & Cat
Prescription Diets - Dogs & Cats
Flea & Tick Prevention Products
Low Cost Spays, Neuters, and Dental Cleanings



Waste Disposal Fees
Exposure to Contagious Pets
Waiting Room

Address: 23007 Soledad Cyn Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Telephone: 1-661-255-7767

Tags Email:

Tags Surgical Telephone: 1-661-644-7806

Tags Surgical Email:


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